The Power of an Umbrella

I should have waited a couple of days and tied this Cyrsti's Condo post into "April Showers" but I always have had a hard time waiting. Plus who knows what the world be like in a a couple days?

Today was one of those rainy windy "Spring" days in my part of Ohio-not a good "hair" day.  We had errands to run and as we rushed from car to store, I understood yet again the power of an umbrella to a woman. But, did I carry one ?  Do I even own one? No!

I may soon.

It's bad enough when I think I have my hair seemingly looking it's best until five minutes later in the wind-all is lost. All is even more lost though when moisture is involved.  My hair takes on a life of it's own and of course the wetter it gets-the worse it gets.

I know. No one is twisting my arm to have all this hair but all those years, someone did twist my arm to cut it.  So, we are more than even.  In the meantime, I am learning the nuances of simply not taking your hair off and being able to see and style it from all angles.  The problem is I'm an uncoordinated dork and even a simple process of holding a mirror so I can see the back of my head (and brush it) in another mirror becomes quite the process. The back of my head is like the dark side of the moon.  You know it just has to be there but what's it looking like these days?  Truly, the whole process is just another of the tons of transition minutia which I tie into "muscle memory" Larger examples include posture and walk which are essential to a feminine deportment.

My problem is my brain is similar to a low power overloaded computer and any memory is called into use could be a problem. My goal  now is to just stretch the system a little more and remember to buy an umbrella.


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