Cyrsti's Condo "Out" at the Oscars

A better title may have been "OUT Of" the Oscars.  I'm afraid the biggest positive impact the Oscar's have on me is the past month when Turner Classic Movies shows simply the greatest motion pictures of all time.  To name a few this weekend were Casablanca, The Graduate, Guess Whose Coming to Dinner and Lawrence of Arabia.  HRT or not, I was sobbing uncontrollably in the final scene of "Dinner" when they showed Katherine Hepburn tearing up because she knew full well Spencer Tracy was done with acting and life. (He passed 17 days after the picture was filmed.)

What also began to bring me to tears was the incessant babbling I heard and read about Jared Leto and the Dallas Buyer's Club.  My tears this time were from anger.  Of course the righteous anger raised by those in the transgender community who said the part should have been played by a trans woman were right.  Once again though, so many hairs were split by so many people that the true reasons for the casting were lost.  If you follow the money and the publicity for a film, you find the real reasons decisions were made.  In the case of Dallas Buyer's Club, I'm fairly sure the lure of having a so called "hetero" guy play a transgender woman meant something.  Was the choice of Leto any worse than Felecity Huffman in TransAmerica? Very simply, we as a transgender nation are developing a small core of actors/actresses who can perform mainstream roles and will most likely be cast in them.

In the meantime, I hope we can move on from Jared Leto. Haven't met but he seems like a decent enough guy, who is so pretty anyway he probably was bullied for his looks. He would be a beautiful woman anyway with just a little effort.  I just don't know why he couldn't have been a bit more understanding about the culture he was portraying. My thought is he just may have more than a couple insecurities about himself.

So far though, I haven't ruined his career. I'm just sick and tired of hearing about it!


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