Cyrsti's Condo "Power Scope"

I guess the stars have been "sand bagging" me the past couple of weeks? Who knows maybe they are stuck in the "polar vortex" too? This week though, the "power scope" has some power!

Libra  September 23-October 22): There’ll be love in numbers, so book a date for every night this week, whether you have to drag your baby out or go at it Tinder-style. Chance happenings can strike-up luck in several areas of your life now. Yes, opportunity and revelations will be your thing this week, so live it up and make everyone want to be you.

Wait a minute? Doesn't everyone already want to be me???? Just kidding! I better book a certain person who I know reads this blog, before she comes "booking" for me!!!

Check out your scope here at theFrisky!


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