Friday, January 24, 2014

"Pupa, A Short Film"

Daniela, a student from Sussex University is writing and directing her own first short film which will be her graduation film and portfolio for future projects. Her film is about Marjorie a male-to-female transgender woman and about how she deals with the prejudice from society.  Here is the press release:

Pupa is a Sierra Rose Productions light drama that aims to approach the transgender world with a different take. This Sussex University graduation project by the aspiring Brazilian writer and director Daniela Sierra hopes to raise the awareness against transgender prejudice. The story offers insight into the world of Marjorie (Nick Moon), the ever-present woman inside Mark, who after 35 years of hiding, is revealed to the world after an office incident. As Marjorie finally experiences being subjected to a society that now extends further from solely her bedroom; she suffers from prejudice from society, and is attacked. After struggling to recover from it, Marjorie decides to revenge those who oppressed her as her way of externalising her self-acceptance. Art direction and cinematic style will be an essential feature of the film throughout, with every scene, shot and prop undergoing careful consideration in order to provide a clear and continuous design. 

Check out the promo trailer and here is the link for more! From the looks of the fund raising efforts so far, Daniela is tantalizingly close to reaching her goal. From just looking at the promo, I saw quite a bit of myself, especially in my early cross dressing days. Be sure to help if you can!

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