A Beard, A Ball Hat and HRT

I do love the MtF transition videos of trans women who are a "little older". (Not a lot older like me!)  I have found the video's are much harder to find on YouTube most likely because the older we are, the more the technology is difficult to grasp.  Or, another scenario could be, a glamorous, stunning gender transformation is simply more difficult to achieve at an older age and not perceived as worthwhile.

I admire most all the transgender women and men who have taken the effort to make a video for YouTube. I'm sure you have read the extreme hatred contained more than a few of the video comments, especially aimed at transtioners such as me who are never going to make the runways as a model.

This video coming up on the Cyrsti's Condo big screen speaks to me because I do see a lot myself in her transition and where I would like to end up as a person.


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