Naked Garters

If you are similar to me, your first cross dressing experiences involved trips through Mom's undie drawer.  The biggest draw to me were her stockings, garters etc.  Just had to experience the silky feel of the nylons on my legs.

It's no secret how pervasive the appeal of a smooth nylon clad leg is to so many in our culture. I have told the story many times of when I met Stana from Femulate last summer and she had men walking into walls staring at her long shapely legs.

As I always do, I try to connect the dots of my gender identity experience and nylons define my timeline more effectively than almost anything else. In fact, I've almost gone full circle.

Very early, I lost the fetish appeal of hose.  By the time the boom of pantie hose came around, I was diligently shopping the brand packed in those plastic legs for the best sizes and shades. I realized quickly, I couldn't wait to try on my new purchase.  Not because of the way the hose felt, it was how they looked.  Looking back, I was transitioning from cross dresser into transgender and didn't know it.

These days, I'm lucky because some say I have very presentable legs that I never present.  Never is a big word and not exactly true, though.  Skirts in the hot weather have proven to be a very useful cooling piece of clothing, especially when I go 'bare legged" (with no hose at all).  It's the classic story of HRT giving and taking away.  HRT gave me a furnace of a body to deal with during MtF transition but took away most of my body hair to ease my leg maintenance.

I was trying to come up with a highly inventive phrase to wrap this Cyrsti's Condo post up.  I was trying to take us from seamed garter stockings to no hose at all.  I guess you get the point!

The reason I actually went down this Condo hallway this morning is coming up in the next post.


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