A "Living Doll?"

In my endless travels over the web over the years, I have seen men who have done the feminine rubber mask cross dressing trip.  It seems now, it's becoming more widespread, or maybe the whole deal is yet another "invention" of the social medias. In the UK, a "Channel 4" documentary called "Secret's of the Living Dolls" is going to feature a segment on "maskers".  Not stopping at masks though, these men are taking the experience to a whole different level with custom made body suits (as shown in the pictures)

I'm sure you have heard of the men who buy a very realistic (spooky) life size doll as a girlfriend. This whole scenario just takes the guy and puts him into the doll.  Regardless of what I happen to think or not think of "maskers", the future should be bright for them as technology improves. I'm sure someone is working diligently on producing a truly attractive feminine body suit a man could wear to fulfill his fantasy of being a "hot chick"  On the other hand, replacing a genetic or transgender woman with a latex "suit" seems to be rather sad and lonely.

Not all the "maskers" are single and the documentary even features one guy who is married.  Can you imagine that conversation?  "We going out tonight dear? Sure, just zip me up. I don't need a coat." By the way dear, is it OK if I walk about four steps behind you and don't forget your straws."