Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Edition"

Snuggle in and welcome to yet another earth shattering "Sunday Edition" here in 'the Condo."

Week in Review.- During the week, we featured several impossibly beautiful androgynous male models (who I want to hate!) Just kidding! On the opposite side of the spectrum we tried to cross Chris Christie's bridge and have an easier path (at least in New Jersey) to having our transgender birth certificates changed without expensive and painful SRS. As it turned out the rotund New Jersey governor blocked both.  Of course I watch any moves in this direction because I am facing many legal moves as my MtF transition progresses.  Christie gave some gobbledygook reason which sounded suspiciously similar to the danger of transgender women and men invading restrooms of their choice and committing ghastly acts. I considered the source, got mad and moved on.

Book Review.- It's fairly rare when I miss any sort of writing which involves itself with transgender women and men.  Not only did I miss this one, it turns out the trans woman and her spouse actually live within an easy traveling distance of me!  I featured Bobbie in a post aka Alana about her past and future writings and got this response:

WOW ... thanks so very much for sharing information about my memoir. Our target release date is Feb 14, 2014. I thought that would be the perfect date for releasing a love story. We're in line for meeting that date. IF anyone wants a signed copy from the first printing it can be ordered from Let us know the next time you're in our area ... would love to meet in person. Bobbie Thompson aka Alana's Spouse (on FB and Twitter)

As I mentioned, the "road trip" mileage is definitely within reach as soon as the "polar weather" gets out of here for awhile!

We Got Mail Section.-  From Vicky, responding to our Hormone and the Hair Post:  I agree with you Cyrsti my hair I am just starting to grow out with the help of Rogaine then I am going to style it I hope it will not be to long until I can do it then no more wigs.  Thanks Vicki!  As I said, if and when you can ever be able to wear your own hair, it's a blessing.  Especially at my age!

From dloring on Christie's veto:

"You said it girl, no reason to veto that bill. The only fraud being perpetrated is by the Governor."

That's about it for this week's Cyrsti's Condo Sunday Edition.  You are the best for stopping by and checking in when you can!  Thanks so much!



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