Tyra Scott- Sexual Hybrid?

You may want to put the kids to bed as this is one of the few "adult rated" posts you will see in Cyrsti's Condo.  I'm passing it along because the story actually goes past Tyra Scott just being a transsexual adult performer.

She discusses connections with the everyday transgender community, why she is still "pre opt" and what her life was like growing up.

From the Daily Loaf

in Tampa, Florida:

(Tyra Scott) : "Straight men are traditionally the most intolerant of the transgender community. Straight men are also the primary consumers of transsexual porn. This is why adult tube sites pepper clips of transsexuals in with other, "straight" offerings. These companies know that, behind closed doors, many straight men sample transsexual porn. In this way, ts performers have become X-rated ambassadors of the transgender community.

The more comfortable straight men become masturbating in private to these performers, the more tolerant they will be in public of the transgender community. Not only do these rogue performers represent the transgender community, they also embody the rainbow of diversity that exists in human sexuality and gender. In an effort to better understand this increasingly popular form of erotica, as well as the GLBT community as a whole."

So now, you don't have to be so critical of your friends watching porn! They are learning the attraction of sexual hybrids! Like so many of you I'm sure you view this with distaste. Not because so much because of content but once again we trans women are being portrayed in exactly the wrong light.  The same problems genetic women face.

At the least,  interesting ideas and you can follow the link above for more.