Cyrsti's Condo Sunday Topic :The Human Side of a Trans Elitist

Such a week kids, but then again aren't most of them?

Topping my Sunday morning list this week is being called a trans elitist, which I guess is another term for trans nazi. Those of you who read my verbage (not garbage) on a regular basis were most likely as amused as I was - or not.

For those of you who don't know,   I in no way consider myself to be any better than anyone else because they may be a cross dresser or stuck in the closet.  My goals have always been to throw out ideas to you if you are thinking about transitioning. BUT, I do consider myself a trans activist of sorts.  In this day and age, everyone is protecting their "brand" and I do believe in protecting the trans brand  and I ended up being called an elitist for doing it as once again as I protested an individual who posted cross dressing fetish videos under the transgender name.

Quickly,  the response came back that I was some sort of "elitist" because of my current lifestyle. I never could connect the dots with her that when someone mislabels and posts a trashy video it hurts me when I try to educate the public on who I am. It can be as destructive with the wrong person as Rude Paul calling us Tranny's or "Houston Ugly" who couldn't even refer to the trans woman student as Mia not Mia/Ryan.  So, I guess if all of that makes me an elitist, so be it!

Hey, can't be worse than being called "just another old guy on hormones" or how about "Cyrsti, you ignorant F--k?." Seriously though, for the amount of traffic we are beginning to see here in the Condo and as outspoken as I am on certain topics, I'm surprised I don't have more "trolls" stopping by. Then again Halloween is over. No candy for you trolls!

Speaking of the OWN show I called "Houston Ugly", it's really "Houston Beauty" I was referring to.

As I wrote in a blog post yesterday, the show features a transgender beauty named Mia (right)
Being the "elitist" that I am, I thought she came across as a serious positive messenger for the trans community -surrounded by cast of reality show clowns.  !!