We've Got Mail!

Recently I ran a post called Skip the Makeup here in Cyrsti's Condo.  It's Gina's blog and she was good enough to drop me a comment back. I mentioned the lack of any mention of Andrej Pejic in her mention of transgender models. Rightfully so, as Pejic has never outed himself as transgender. for whatever reason. 
Here's more of Gina's comment!

"Heh, thanks for the mention of my rather neglected blog. Mostly, for the past 2 years, I've just been reviewing books and films with trans characters rather than doing cultural commentary. I think that post was before Andrej appeared but, moreover, he's never identified himself as transgender (from what he says about himself, he sounds somewhat genderqueer but doesn't call himself that). I would never ID someone as trans if they didn't personally identify that way. Needless to say, since I wrote that there have already been a lot more stories about trans models (especially in Brazil) and at least 2 or 3 more androgynes like Pejic. Really, my post was more about how people make every trans accomplishment sound like a "first time" (when those boundaries had been broken decades before) and how people project concepts like "androgyny" onto trans women whether they look even vaguely androgynous or not."

Thanks Gina for the comment and bringing back some of the transgender models of the past!


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