Horror Scope

With all the end of year activities, somehow I let our Cyrsti's Condo Horror Scope slide by! Perhaps if you read this, you will know why!

 Libra (September 23 - October 22)
Remember you like to get ahead of yourself a lot, thinking it's going to prepare you, but you forget that method doesn’t work for you. Slow it down, as this is when you're going to have to maneuver a bit more delicately to get what you want, as in step-by-step. Order exists for a reason in such matters, so respect it and practice it now.

Dammit! I never have been one to "slow it down a bit" or "maneuver a bit more delicately"!

Of course the term "Horror Scope" is my own and as always you can go to theFrisky for your own.