A Touch of Class!

We need all the "class" we can get here in Cyrsti's Condo.  I don't want you thinking "Cyrsti has a lot of class, it's just all low!" Ha ha!

Perhaps you have seen me reference my transgender friend Jessye from France.  She has just embarked on a journey I started over a year ago. The road to HRT is opening for her! I could just feel her excitement in her recent e mails.  Ironically, it was only a couple nights ago on New Years Eve I was thinking about her.  During the French themed production we went to.

Of course, I wondered if Jessye inherited any of the "in bred" style French women are known for and out of the clear blue (cold-snowy) sky she sent me a few! So I will pin them up here in Cyrsti's Condo for all of us to enjoy! By the way, she certainly did inherit the French sense of style!


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