Halloween continues to sneak up on us and here is a place for you to look for unique costume ideas.
It's called Etsy I'm passing along a plus sized costume section here.

On cable or satellite television:

Coming up this weekend in my part of the world, The National Geographic Channel is promoting a Transgender Episode on it's Taboo Series this weekend. It's called Changing Genders and to be truthful with you seems to be a bit on the sensational side. The couple above are a trans man and trans woman which is innocent enough.  BUT!
Another featured person on the show is Chris Tina, a trans body builder pictured above. Good for her to pursue her dream-bad for us to have her representing the rest of us in anyway. Another part of the preview I saw (which I hope I'm over reacting to) was a rather drag queen looking person or persons. Who we know aren't interested in changing genders at all.

At any rate, we will see Sunday, September 30th at 10:00 pm Eastern Time. (US)