Trans Surfing

Over the course of Cyrsti's Condo's I have tried to pass along milestones which have shaped my transgender world.
From our dusty archives I pulled this post from a couple years ago:

"I had a great time last night with two women (genetic).  I was invited to a "girl's night out" for lite dinner and drink. Both of them are in their mid 20's and quite attractive. My best case was to be mistaken for a mom or older sister. I didn't know the worst case was to become invisible!
 We had unknowingly made plans at an upscale pub/eatery at an outdoor mall in the area. The only problem was the mall was staging a free "Gin Blossom" concert at the same time and the place was PACKED. I know I don't present as female to all the folks all the time so I judge my success or failure on percentages. My unofficial tally was that I got busted by about 5 people out of 100. I'll take that!
 As soon as we left the bar and went to our table, I stopped worrying because I became invisible! My mother in law years ago had told me about something like this.
 My sister in law used to be really attractive and Mom said she rarely even got a glance when she was with her. I had never experienced such a thing. After all, last night was my first time out with two young attractive women. They had several guys stop by the table to chat and they never even looked my direction! In fact one guy never looked at either one of us. He only talked to the one friend at the table. Hell it didn't matter if I was transgender, pink or green! Actually, I'm not upset and the evening was a great success. I was fortunate to learn another little lesson on how the "other half" lives."

I wonder if either of them ever knew how much the evening meant to me!