It's all Fun until Someone Gets an Eye Put Out

Here you go, a very serious look at the behind the scenes workings of Cyrsti's Transgender Condo.
Well, maybe not so serious-this is not brain surgery. If it was we would all be in trouble.
In case you haven't noticed, my thought patterns are all over the place. Inspirations for me (well I had to come up with some sort of term) either are like an Oak Tree in the middle of a dessert (none) or a long Chessie freight train running through my head. (hundreds)
Currently, I have been writing down ideas by hand in a note book and checking them out when I get home. So what I have now is yet another pile of written thoughts. Being the progressive critter I am, I am looking at electronic devices to transfer all this stuff to.
As I was going over some of my older stuff, I just found this title. It's cool, it's fun, it's violent! BUT where was I going with this?
Maybe my long lost Vagina post? I have thought about going to the Rad Femme fun bunch for a vagina answer: How much is the relative value of a home grown vagina as compared to a constructed purchased one? Is there a commodity price on the stock market? Somehow I don't think they would see the sense of humor and it's more entertaining to watch the ones who bought one fight with them.
Chances are my eye would have been at the least verbally blackened so I don't think I was going the vagina direction.
As I shuffle through this mass of notes, I'm sure I'll figure out where I was headed-by next spring.


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