Womanless Beauty Pageants

I would like to thank Alice for passing this along to me!
Over the years, "Womanless Beauty Pageants" have been the source of entertainment and fund raising efforts around the country.  Seemingly a boy or man in a dress has provided innocent fun provided of course it wasn't a serious or full time gig for the male involved.
I for one have always thought that some of the participants have taken the effort way to seriously. In addition, some of the participants look way to good and seem to be having way to much fun! (Who wouldn't?)
As I have mentioned a couple of times here Stana at "Femulate" really covers the Womanless Beauty scene wonderfully. Alice in turn passed along a Femulate reader's "Flickr" womanless pageant picture compilations.
Thank you Alice and I would like to direct all of you to another of Stana's posts on womanless yearbook pictures here.
After viewing all of these pictures, I sometimes wonder if I was one of the only guys around who never had the opportunity to compete in a womanless pageant.
Truthfully, there weren't any in my part of the country until very recently with the "Relay for Life" cancer fundraisers.
I do think I would have been too scared to take part in fear the whole thing would blow my cover. It's obviously too late now to do anything about it now, so I will just have to be a very interested observer!
Thanks again Alice, Stana and all you "civilians" who look so good in your first and only time in a prom dress!


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