Visiting the Witches Caldron as a Transgender Girl

Before I know it, the "bewtiching" hour will be upon me. A week from now a friend and I will be attending a "Witch's Ball".
As I sit here multi tasking (yes I can) I'm gently picking out one of my favorite wigs I washed today and writing a blog post. Tommorow I'm attacking the costume shops in the area for the perfect look for the evening.
You notice I didn't say costume. This is not a Halloween costume party per se'. I went to the web site and saw participants dressed as witches (duh), pirates and even belly dancers.
In reality my costume choices are limited. The belly dancer idea is intriquing but not really a look I could come up with very easily; leaving the witch or pirate girl idea.
A sexy witch is a posiblity but do I really want to try it in a room full of people who take the practice seriously?
Will I get turned into a black cat? (Just kidding!)
By process of elimination, aaaargh matey! Your pirate wench has arrived! probably will be the way to go.
The fun part of shopping for the outfit will be the accessories! Some sort of short skirt and fishnets will go a long way in showing some leg and a blousy top with a corset style vest may be the safe way out.
The night however will not be an evening to be safe with my outfit! So I will be on the prowl for something exotic to put this pirate wench on display.
Another interesting possibility of the evening is that I could very well be one of the few or only transgender girls there.
I would love to be never recognized as anything but a sexy pirate wench!!! Fun is fun however and what ever happens my friend and I should have a blast!
Maybe I will be able to sail on the pirate ship on Halloween?


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