Transgendered Goddesses!

Transgender Goddesses! Why didn't I thing about this? Read this comment from the "Montreal Gazette"
" I’ve been thinking about the dating scene, about how many men flee when they find out about a trans woman’s medical history. So, I thought maybe we should approach it differently. Rather than ask men to accept us as ordinary females, maybe we should portray ourselves as Transsexual Goddesses, exotic women to be pampered and served and adored. Hey, so much of the dating game is about imagination, anyway, ie. him imagining (and hoping) what sexual delights he might get from her. We shouldn’t make it too easy for them, should we? Nor should we grovel and act like they are doing us a favour by accepting us as women. To heck with that: we Goddesses are doing them a favour by allowing them to serve us, and if they serve well, they will be rewarded accordingly, yes?
Indeed, I am a Goddess . . . Just kidding . . . (Don’t send me nasty emails!!)
And, no, this is not bordering on BDSM or D/s lifestyles . . . not that there’s anything wrong with that, yes?
Smiles . . .
Happy weekend!
Jillian "
All right...maybe I did think of it! lol


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