Transgender Backlash?

As "Chaz Bono" whirls and twirls on "Dancing With the Stars". As ABC "Primetime" runs a hour show on transgender adults and kids. As the New York City Fire Department becomes home to it's first transgendered fire fighter; is it a real surprise segments of society in any country are expressing misdirected views and even hate at the trans community.

Beautiful transgendered actresses such as "Candis Cayne" (above) and "Jamie Clayton" (left) are appearing increasingly on mainstream television.
Seemingly we are in an increasingly positive transgender era.
More and more of us are out, proud and successful.
Unfortunately times like these motivate others to become increasingly vocal.  The others are trying to push us back in the shadows and closets.
Fortunately, the closet door has opened and together we can keep it there!