Sunday, October 30, 2011

Have a Holly Jolly Halloween!

Or maybe you already have. Hope you got out out the closet and showed the world your true self!
Christian Greenia as "Elvira"
If the closet is not your home Halloween is the best day of the year when real girls and transgendered girls alike get to get out and "slut it up"!
I always found the night was a great time to try my hand at going to the bigger straight clubs. After all, whats the worst that could happen? Lose a "costume contest"?
Two evenings out of many stick out in my memory other than the couple I passed along.
If I have already passed them along, sorry it's just old age setting in!
The first story comes from a local Halloween trip to two big clubs having big parties.  For some reason that year I settled on some sort of French Mistress outfit. Of course it was short and black from head to toe with dark eyes and red lips. I had a long straight blond wig that I topped off with a black beret. I was comfortable and felt sexy so the night was good!
About half way through the evening, a guy in a mask came up and whispered in my ear "I know who you really are". For once, I was a lost for words. I finally said  "how do you know and who are you?" He simply said "you look like your mother!"  When I found out who he really was, he could have send a lot more! He was one of my friends when I was 12ish and tried my first tentative steps at dressing as a girl around my friends. Obviously he thought I didn't grow out of it! Hopefully he thought I grew in to it!
The second night was an out of town experience. I was training in another city that year during Halloween and of course had to put together a "costume" and go out. That night I chose one straight and one gay club and really slutted it up. You know the story.  Tight short skirt (leather look) and matching top with black hose and high heeled boots.
I went to the straight club first and to my amazement passed several of the partiers, especially the one who molested my behind as I walked through the crowded room. All too soon and it was time for my first trip to a gay club Halloween party.
If you have never been, the costumes are amazing! Creative and sexy, you can see it all if you happen to hit the right party! I remember the "Elvira" who spent the night checking herself in the mirror as well as the guy dressed as an "outhouse"
By the end of the evening I was sad that Halloween comes but once a year. Then again there is Mardi Gras". To this day I haven't partied it up it a fancy mask and dress!

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