Better Sex Through Chemistry.

Better sex through chemistry? Absolutely girls! But not the way you think.
Several posts ago, I touched on a few of the basic hormonal theories about testosterone.
As it turns out some in our community have taken these theories even farther. All the way to sexual attraction.
At some point in our lives, most of us been strongly attracted to someone, Not love-attraction. It happened to me a couple weeks ago as I was in my male mode. I work with the public and this women and I were positively in dream mode.  I could see it in her eyes and I'm sure see could see it in mine.
Some feel the attraction is a basic chemical one. If you think of the human as an animal, all of this isn't so far fetched.  Men are very visual sexually. The sheer numbers of sperm produced causes them to be less selective.
Women of course are basically the opposite.  Fewer eggs to fertilize causes them to be more selective.
Into the middle of all of this throw in pheromones and better yet the trans girl!
This has more possibilities than a politician on the take.
If the trans girl has a spouse and begins female hormone therapy, does she smell different to the spouse? Yes, according to one Hub Page post I read. In fact the spouse said smell was the first change she noticed. Does the trans girl care? Probably not. If she is in the market for a man, the breast development, softer skin and less body hair would most likely give her more satisfaction with guys. If she is the market for women, I have a different theory.
Let's assume the trans girl is NOT on hormones. If she presents well enough she could still attract guys...but how about women? I don't know, but on very rare occasions I've encountered women who were positively entranced with me. Not attracted-entranced. A whole different meaning. They were not so much into how I looked. They were into what I was.
Could have this been chemical? Did my intact male hormones react to the female attention and could that have been part of the potent attraction?
How does all of this theory affect a post op TS? In theory, she wouldn't have much of a sex drive because of low testosterone. If she was into men, could she smell them and react as a genetic woman? If a man walked by would she react on a subconscious level sexually?
I find all of this fascinating and a great discussion that could go on forever. The fact of the matter is, chemicals inside you could be controlling more than you think. As a man or a woman, or somewhere in between.


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