You Lookin At Me?

We have covered a lot of gender communication basics here recently. It's a forgone conclusion that women listen better. Females also utilize sight and touch better than males.
But what about that damn scowl pasted permanently on male faces? Women smile more? Why?
If you asked my Dad why, he would have certainly said the scowl came from living with my Mom for all those 50 years.
But in reality if we look at the genders from an purely evolutionary viewpoint, a man's scowl is protecting his territory as sure as the male lion protects his.
Certainly there is nothing soft about the traditional female role of child bearing etc but there certainly is a softer side when you add in nuturing and family.
Maybe women do have more to smile about, The real "girl's night out" centers around men and family or clothes and friends. Sure there is criticism in the female circle but not the competition in a sports driven guys night.
As a species, we haven't changed that much yet. Men smile when they win-women when they are with friends and family.
Just another nuance in the female communication cycle. Here's the smile, Now figure out what it really means-and wipe that scowl off your face!