Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Trans Girl has to do What a Trans Girl has to do!

Jenny Before
No offense to you British girls who visit Cyrsti's Condo but much of the transgender news coming out of the UK is nothing if not entertaining!

Check this story from the Daily Mail, about transgender woman Jenny who sold her house to pay for facial feminization surgery:

"A transgender woman unhappy with her masculine features has revealed that she sold her house in order to finance a £15,000 surgical makeover. Jenny Bowman, 56, had been left frustrated by the size of her nose and masculine jawline before discovering a procedure called facial feminization surgery after an online search. The operation, which softens and feminizes the features, isn't available on the NHS but fed up with her masculine looks, she took the dramatic step of putting her house on the market to pay for it."
Jenny After

All is fair in the battle for a better male to female transition unless you end up living in a box under a bridge.

How much can I get for my old dog on the open market?

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