Sunday, July 14, 2013

Closet Transgender Activists

You regulars here in Cyrsti's Condo know the low regard for what I call the "higher end" peeps of our trans culture. My stereotypical example is the person who had the resources to run off to Thailand and come back a "changed person" then "Poof" they are gone.  We all hope they are becoming the exception rather than the rule. We need things done. Just look at the exceedingly high rates of suicide, violence and unemployment in the trans community-big problems to be solved.

Rather than me ranting here, let's come up with a few workable ideas to solve these problems. Even if you are a closeted cross dresser or a closeted transsexual woman who moves freely through society. You too can be an activist in your own small way and not jeopardize your life.

Number one is political. No, you don't have to run for office or even picket at your local courthouse. What you need to do is pay attention to your local elections. My example is I have an election coming up this fall in the town I live in.  A swing of one candidate getting elected over another could forge an all important majority on our city commission and an equality amendment getting passed.

I would have known nothing about this until I went to a local "Equality" meeting. Again, you don't have to go to the meeting, most of these groups on the local and state levels publish information on websites. I now know exactly who voted against my rights and if they are up for re election this fall.

Number two is grassroots.  Not all of us are beautiful attractive humans-male or female but sometimes we are the ones who build transgender understanding-one person at a time.  I have published comments from one specific person like that who is a regular visitor to the "condo". She simply loves to get dressed up and go to gay venues.  By her own admission, not a beauty but takes the time to listen to questions from the other clientele and educate them. Remember the gay and lesbian community is very well organized. Never assume they know anything about us and we need them to further our cause.
So no, you don't have to go to the neighbors in heels and hose to do on:

Number three is be an apostle.  When someone says something about one of us-don't let it slide.  You don't have to say you have a closet full of dresses or went through SRS in the 1970's but you can gently say how unfair the person is-especially in a church.  My examples are a couple of middle aged women I have seen on various talk shows who have made wonderful transitions into "the woman next door".  Not glamorous by any means but completely feminine. Unless you saw the show, you wouldn't think the woman in the back of the church helping with refreshments wasn't born as one. The reason I bring the two together here is where I live in the Midwest U.S., churches provide the most resistance to our very most basic transgender rights. If and when "one of us" infiltrates the system I would hope that at the least he or she would do the right thing.

There you go. I'm sure many of you have other great ideas which blow these away.

Sure, ranting is fun on occasion. It blows off a lot of frustration and steam but in the end result creative solutions provide true progress!

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