Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Who Wrote "Hypocrite" on my Mirror?

I received two quick responses (thank you!) on my "Wedgie" Cyrsti's Condo post this morning.  One is just plain truth and one led me to think I'm not so keen with the written word on occasion. The first is from Alexis:

"Hey, I wish you best wishes as you begin to step out in public. It is a difficult thing to do, especially if you do it right in front of all those who have known you as your maleness. When I did that, I found that what others had told me---not everyone will be gracious and accepting of this transition. Though I suffered no physical hurt, the number of friends and family who suddenly began ignoring me like I no longer existed still bothers me today. So, again,good fortunes on your road ahead. I know I did what I simply had to do, and I have never regretted doing it for a single moment......alexis"

You are so correct in everything you said! In this post I tended to think everyone was a mind reader and  I neglected to fill in much needed info.  Such as I live a huge percentage of my life out- as a trans woman with a group of friends who have never met what is left of my male self. But not in the town where I live.  More and more I began to feel I was a bigger and bigger hypocrite and I hate that. It is time in my life to do more than nothing about the situation where I live. Just sitting back in bigger cities around me and saying...yes it does suck in my town just isn't good enough anymore! Thanks so much Alexis!!!!

Sharon added:

"There is more condemning in the bible for those that get a divorce or playing around with more then their intended mate then there is for being a gay person"

Kind of funny how that works...right Sharon?  But speaking of the righty bible of the methods they are trying is to drive a wedge between the TGLB community and the traditional Civil Rights community of color...divide and conquer.  The work of a true Christian? "Me thinks" not!

Thanks Sharon

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