Thursday, January 7, 2021

Trash in - Trash Out

 By now you all should know how I feel about "Benedict Donald" tRump. From his election day on, I watched in desperation as he tried to destroy at the least the transgender community and at the worst our country as a whole. 

I can only share this screen shot taken from the "Tony Burgess Blog" and CNN which shares my shame and horror. It's what happens when a masterplan to dumb down the country by neglecting it's educational system and then lie continually to it by right wing media outlets. All of a sudden, being conservative in the country became the same as being a tRump supporter. Which isn't fair or good for the health of the political system.  

I'm not here to write another political post but I'm am here to say the shame of yesterday can not happen again.

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  1. Unfortunately, I have to agree with several historians and long time reporters, that history will repeat itself with the likes of people i.e. Hawley, Cruse and the gang of eleven still in power. It galled me to find out that Hawley started a fund raiser to start his run for president while standing outside giving the power fist to the insurgents/rioters. Five other so called members in good standing of Congress were photographed in the crowd while their fellow Congressmen/women and Senators were inside fearing for their lives. I saw the reports that these so called members deleted their posts, I guess in hopes that no one would see them.
    The death count is now up to five, with the death of the Capitol Policeman who died trying to defend the Capitol building. And who should finally come out today to condemn the rioters and insurgents, but the A*^hole who started it all.
    Notice that he wasn't inside in the briefing room but outside doing a Twitter posting. His staff are all jumping ship. My guess is that they are trying to distance themselves, so they will be able to find jobs in the future, claiming that they weren't aware that he would cause this much damage. And the ones that are hanging on till the last, are staying because they think that tRump will save them. Let's not even start in on the so called lawyers that helped him start this insurrection.
    I would post what I feel would be the punishment they deserve but I am already sick to my stomach with what has transpired in the last 48 hours.