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 Recently here in Cyrsti's Condo, I shared a comment from Paula and her thoughts on being a transgender musician. After going back and checking the post I noticed the link she shared to her blog didn't work for me at least. Back in another Cyrsti's Condo platform I always had her blog in my "Wanna Hook Up" linking section. 

To straighten things up, I re-added her link for you all to find. Here is the link: and she currently has a great post called "A Bad Year for Showoffs" you may want to check out.

In the meantime, here is a excellent picture of Paula.


  1. Thank you! That photo was originally taken nearly two years ago for a campaign to boost Croydon (UK not Australia!) through some of the prominent local personalities (I am a trustee of our local Pride). The idea was to have poster size photos of us up at the entrance to our main shopping centre (Mall) while it was being redeveloped. That development got stopped so now every time I go into Croydon I am confronted with an eight foot poster of myself ~ lucky I am a show off.


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