Thursday, November 12, 2020

A Day Out with the Vampires

 Well, I finally made it out of the house for an extended period. Ironically, it was only to visit my Veteran's Administration hospital in Dayton, Ohio to have my blood labs taken. For those of you who don't know, I am a transgender veteran of the Army during the Vietnam War era.

The last several times I have made the journey to visit the "vampires" as I call them has been very much uneventful. This time though, they waiting room was nearly full and once I did take my turn, I had so many vials of blood (8) they needed that the tech who took my blood had to use both arms to get enough blood. He finally did and I was sent on the way past the "admiring public" in the waiting area. 

Liz (my partner) was off from her job and agreed to go with me. Also the day happened to be unreasonably warm and beautiful. I was able to wear an easy to access T-shirt for the vampires pus jeans and tennis shoes. The one thing I noticed was how old the other Vietnam veterans looked. They were all wearing their hats and stood out from the rest of the room,

From the looks I received, I must have stood out too! Of course I was wearing a mask, so all they could see of me was my eye make up and very long hair. Any way you cut it too, I am not a small person at 5'10" and have the thick torso I inherited from living a life of testosterone poisoning. 

Yesterday though, none of any of the blank stares I was receiving bothered me in the least. In my mind I was the most attractive woman in the room. As I walked past all of them I tried to straighten my shoulders, stick out my chest and at the least try to be happy I was out of the house.

Even if it was only for a trip to the vampires.  


  1. I had to giggle a bit when you said the others looked older. At least in my VA we have a conglomeration of ages, mid twenties to 80's. But as you pointed out, most had their hats proclaiming their war time service and just looked old. I sometimes wonder if I look that old to them?

  2. When I first began to go there years ago, the older vets sometimes had the Korean War hats. Since the WWII vets have almost all passed on now, I assume all of those who are confined to wheel chairs are probably now the Korean Vets.
    We also have a big AFB and hospital nearby so I think it siphons off almost all of the AF vets, leaving the hospital I go to for the rest. Even still, the mix of people I encounter leans heavily to the old side.

  3. I flatter myself and think I look younger :)

  4. Dear Cyrsti Hart;
    Presumably you are referring to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Care at a military treatment facility is not available for veterans, unless they are retired personnel.
    SFC Retired (not my male identity) Lynn McDonough

  5. Lynn is right about the status of who gets care at a military facility. Down here we have a medium sized base, compared to Wright-Pat and they ask the retirees to either utilize the VA or use the TRICARE approved doctors network. As for non retirees it's based on your disability status from the service you were in.