Friday, October 23, 2020

More on Gender Dysphoria

 Ironically, thanks to Michelle commenting on a recent Cyrsti's Condo post, plus a recent article I read called the "Joy of Being Transgender" by Riley Black in the on line "Medium" magazine, I have been positively subjected to a couple great ideas concerning gender dysphoria. 

First, Michelle's comment:

"Here's a thought that many of us might not think about. We have these moments that our GD (gender dysphoria) makes us feel good about ourselves and at other times we think the worst. I wonder just how many cis-women have almost the same feelings about their looks, mannerisms, relationships, etc.. I have talked to female friends about their feelings and find that many have similar feelings and emotions that I have. I know that most women don't dwell on those thoughts but somewhere in the back of their minds it's there. It started way back in early childhood when they were trying to find their niche in life and to some degree it has continued to later life. The only real difference between them and trans women is that time is more compressed for us."

You are completely correct Michelle! Plus, anyone who doesn't think cis women don't go through their own brand of dysphoria is not facing reality. I have met very few cis women who don't go through some sort of contortions to meet society's standards. Examples would be diets, work outs, makeup etc. 

The second post I found is from Riley Black and is on the Medium site. Riley writes about the joy of the changes coming from her HRT. (hormone replacement therapy). As much as I try, I couldn't find much of a spot to jump in and give you a brief idea of what the writer is striving to get to. She blends it so well. However, I will try:

"I wish I could go back to myself two years ago, freshly out of a long-term relationship and just prior to starting hormone replacement therapy as I tried to pull my life together in a tiny basement apartment. The best I can do is go back and read my old journal entries from that time. Dated December 30th, 2018:

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