Saturday, September 26, 2020

Sports and the Transgender Woman

 Years ago, as I started my Mtf gender transition, I was very concerned about how much baggage I could bring with me from my intense male past. No matter how painful it was, I hid my feminine self well from family and friends. In fact, one of the few cis female friends I told about being transgender said I was the most unlikely person she knew to attempt a gender change. 

Of course, back in my "formative" years, gender norms were more rigidly structured. In the conservative rural Midwest I grew up in, the only real "sports" girls could participate in were cheerleading. Because I could not make it on the sidelines of a football game, I had to participate. I was a very mediocre defensive end and ended my high school "career" prematurely due to a couple broken bones. But, no one suspected I really wanted to be a cheerleader.

Perhaps it was all worth it to hide my gender misgivings. These days though, I find my love of sports has been a lifelong pursuit for me, no matter what gender I was living as. As I did transition, I found three close cis women friends who shared my fondness for sports. All three could sit at a bar drinking beer and watching sports as well as any man. 

So you could guess how great I felt when last night my childhood favorite baseball team finally clinched a spot in the Major League Baseball playoffs. In fact I cried tears of joy... *damn hormones"! And of course I am overjoyed The Ohio State Buckeyes" are due to start playing in a couple weeks. 

Once I got past the worn out gender stereotypes of women and sports, I was able to carry forward a great portion of my previous life. I did find out the hard way to never talk to a man about sports.

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  1. Nothing should stop you from cheering now. Get out your pom poms and shake 'em, girl!

    My wife has become quite the sports fan over the years. We spend more (quality) time watching sports than most anything else. Years ago, when she had had enough of my not-so-secret girlish ways, she left to stay with her sister for the weekend. Although she knew what I was doing, she had never seen me dressed, and it had gotten to the point where I had to show her my real self. It was a Sunday afternoon in December, and there was an NFL playoff game on TV when she came home. I emerged from the basement, where I had been spending so much time away from her in order to "be myself" - by myself. This was a big deal, I was thinking to myself, but my wife seemed more interested in the game than she was in the "pretty-me." We just sat together and watched the game until halftime before we had any real discussion. I also made a pitcher of Margaritas before halftime, and that helped, too! Oh, I might add that, after that day, I could also admit to her that I enjoyed watching figure skating with her, as well. :-)