Russian Bride

From the Moscow Times:

"Authorities in Russia have registered one of the first transgender marriages in a country that positions itself as a bastion of traditional family values.
Erika Askarova and Viktor Manuilin’s otherwise ordinary wedding made national headlines after the
two posted photographs from the registry office in the city of Kazan on Dec. 12. Askarova, 30, and Manuilin, 20, told news outlets that they decided to make their relationship official months after they both changed their gender."
Reportively, Russia still classifies transgender people as mentally ill.


  1. Had they actually changed their genders officially? If not, I suppose the government would still consider the marriage traditional, even if their gender expressions were reversed.

    I get a bit of a chuckle from the fact that I changed my gender in time to be in a same-sex marriage a short time before same-sex marriages were made legal. Sometimes, the law of attraction can supersede the law of the government. Loopholes can be found in man-made laws, anyway. :-)

  2. I have no idea if they changed their genders officially...or if it is even possible in good old Mother Russia!
    I changed my gender legally after same sex marriage was legalized. Not that it matters. Liz and I may go through a Wiccan ritual someday.


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