Thursday, June 27, 2019

Nothing is Ever Easy

Out of the clear blue sky this morning on one of my ancient e-mail accounts, I received a message from an old acquaintance (2011) asking how I was doing. By the way, 2011 was the year I decided to follow my instincts and come out as transgender.

Without hesitation, I told her the reason she could not find me on any social media as a guy anymore was because I wasn't one anymore.

We shall see if I get a return comment.

Changing topics now, I am going back to yesterday's post concerning Kansas's new birth certificate ruling which allows transgender residents to change their birth certificates to reflect their true gender.

According to Connie, there is much more to it:

 " I believe that half of the states that do allow gender changes on birth certificates do so only after GRS; not like Kansas just did, requiring just a sworn statement. If you're lobbying the state of Ohio to allow the change, make sure that they follow Kansas' example. I was born in Arizona, which is one of the states requiring GRS, so I'm out of luck. 

Another thing that is not so great, even though a state may allow the gender change, is that the new certificate may be stamped "altered" or "modified." Anything short of a gemder-changed birth certificate being just like any other issued is just a certificate of proof so that one can out themselves officially. "

To my knowledge, Ohio's changes would be the same as Kansas, but we will have to see what happens. Ohio allows the "modified" certificate now, so we are hoping to move past all of that.

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  1. Yeah, GMO doesn't only mean the controversial "genetically modified organism." It can now also mean "gender modified outing" (not to be confused with a GNO - "girls night out." :-)

    Did your acquaintance know of both sides of you, as you were at last contact? If so, I would imagine that she wouldn't be surprised at all. On the other hand, your announcement might have been a shock to her had she known nothing of Cyrsti (you, at that time). It seems that the coming out process never ends, but it does get so much easier - most of the time, anyway.

    This year marks the 50th for my high school graduation. I really have no interest in attending the party for the school from which I did graduate, but I have been contacted by the committee. I attended that school only for my senior year, and, out of a class of 600+, I only really knew a few of them. One of those few happens to be on the reunion committee and also knows who I am now. Yet, he recently sent an email to my old account, saying "Hey, (dead name), I look forward to seeing you at the reunion." The reason I stopped having contact with him is that he just couldn't stop dead naming me. In fact, the last time I saw him, after he'd used my dead name numerous times during our conversation - with me correcting him each time - he finally said, "Connie, uh, (dead name), uh, Oh - Whatever." Whatever???? That was the last straw! Since we do live in the same neighborhood, though, I have often spotted him at the grocery store or on the bus. I've actually made myself invisible to him on those occasions, not because I'm at all ashamed of who I am, but because I am avoiding his outing of me - with his loud voice calling out, "HEY, (DEAD NAME)!"