Don't Bother me Dammit

Yesterday, I went with Liz to her two doctors appointments. I was hoping to see again the young transgender woman I met the last time I was there. But, I had no such luck. Time went fast though and soon we were headed to one of the big box lumber stores to try to pick out boards to break for Liz's martial arts classes. It's not as easy or as difficult as it sounds as you have to select boards with just the right grain, or risk injury.

As you all probably know the big box construction stores contain almost as much testosterone as lumber. As I guy, I once restored an old house, so I used to know my way around them as well as the next man and truthfully are not my favorite places to go back to as a trans woman. Although I have rarely had a problem.

But I regress.
One of my fave older p
After Liz picked out her boards, she had to find someone to cut them to length for her, which always is a challenge. Yesterday turned out to be even a bigger challenge.

The guy she found to do it obviously thought we were putting him out as he begrudgingly cut and slammed the boards down.

I watched with humor as Liz killed him with kindness and he finally helped her load the finished product into the cart.

I remembered not so fondly those male days of my life. Hopefully, the guy was able to get back to doing nothing and feeling good about it.