In the long history (8 + years) of the Cyrsti's Condo blog, I have been fortunate enough to have tried to seek out the facts I write about successfully. But, I am human too (and spell check isn't), so I have been known to mess several up too.

In the "Old and New Friends" post I inadvertently spelled Monika's name with a "C" not a "K". My apologies.

Monika also noticed the "Mom" comment about her too. Unfortunately, I didn't take the extra effort to mention we are both approximately the same age.

As you may remember, initially I got my feelings a little hurt when she commented negatively about my hair...just like my own Mom would have done. So, the "Mom" comment wasn't really about age at all.

There is a happy ending to all of this... I hope. After I got my hair done and colored Monika did make me a nice bunch of compliments.

That is what I would have desperately wanted to happen with my real Mom. Maybe it was all wishful thinking. I am sorry I put Monika on the spot though. It wasn't fair to her!