Friday, March 1, 2019

Consecutive Days

Yesterday as I got ready to go to the auto repair shop to pick up my car, I realized how many consecutive days it has been for me to put on my make up. Last Saturday started the string when I went to the Liz's martial arts class and to run errands, including the grocery store. Sunday was the ill-fated Witches Ball Meeting.

Monday brought about another sure fired need to out do everyone (and look nice) for the cross dresser - transgender meeting. Tuesday, I had a doctors' appointment up in Dayton at the VA Hospital and Wednesday I went along with Liz to her appointments.

Thursday I thought I was going to get a "day off" until it became obvious the car needed immediate attention. Fortunately, the problem wasn't major and the guy at the front desk barely even looked at me when I picked up the keys and paid.

All of this brings me to today. Actually tonight is the "karaoke" social we go to once a month at a local Mexican themed bar/restaurant venue. Looking nice is definitely a priority, although I don't go all out like so many of the other attendees.

Which brings me full circle back to Saturday when I go to martial arts again with Liz (to watch) and go a couple other errands like the grocery store.

I can remember vividly thinking how it must feel to have to get ready and apply makeup/outfit everyday.

It just took me quite a while to get here.

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