Monday, February 18, 2019


In yesterday's Cyrsti's Condo post, I mentioned Payless Shoes was closing all of it's stores.

We promptly went out to our very new Payless Super Store, waded in to the crowd and found three good buys in my 11W women's size. I even had the available finances to buy the shoes. The selection was very good and yes I did see one man looking at the larger size women's shoes.

Even though the stores are expected to be open through March (according to Connie), I wanted to get the best of discounts and selection. I ended up buying a new pair of black flats, a pair of summer sandals to wear with my maxi dresses and a new pair of girls tennis shoes.  So now, I very much have my warm weather footwear needs taken care of.

If you are wondering, the initial discounts were between twenty and forty percent. Since I rarely buy on line due to sizing issues, I don't know what Payless maybe offering discount wise in their on line store. 


  1. I got my info from an NPR report this morning. They said the stores would be open through March, for sure, and many of them would stay open into May.

    I've not had much luck with Payless, myself. Many years ago, I bought two pair of shoes there, and I only got the second pair because it was a BOGO sale. That's a 50% discount...sorta. I imagine that what has made Payless a go-to for trans women is that they do carry some larger sizes, but they also are basically a self-service outfit. I have found that DSW works better for me, and I can get better quality at pretty good discounts (becoming a VIP shopper yields even more discounts). I usually go to the back of the store first, which is where they have the clearance shoes grouped by size. The nice leather boots I'm wearing this winter were purchased last spring, and they cost me only $12.00 ($160-80%=$32.00, and a $20.00 coupon).

    While DSW is basically self-service, as well, they do have friendly and helpful clerks, who are easy to find because their racks are low. I've yet to experience sitting down and having someone measure my foot and wait on me at a shoe store. I'd have to go in with a fresh pedicure if I did; these big 'ol dogs are not so attractive. They could probably make a foot fetishist give it up! :-)

  2. I'm planning to head there on my lunch break. They're hit or miss, but I did find my favorite pair of boots there, so I'm hoping for a find or two.

  3. Luckily for me I have small feet,and don't face the problems some of gals do in finding footwear.
    I know it's difficult to find larger sizes online.
    I did occasionally find something I liked at Payless,but mostly shop on Amazon,and Sanuk.
    so guess I won't miss Payless as much as some of you gals,sometimes smalle is a blessing I guess,LOL.