Thursday, February 7, 2019

Hitch up Those Big Girl Panties

I know my painfully shy past plus early struggles when I came out of the closet into a feminine world hurt me around new people. I am referring back to the stranger (man) in the doctor's office yesterday. Instead of pursuing a conversation at all, I decided to essentially ignore and run.

Here is Connie's take:

"Don't be so shy, girl! It shouldn't matter if the person is an L, G, B, T, Q, or anyone else. Not only did you miss an opportunity to connect with someone else, you caused a missed opportunity for them to connect with you. 

Just last week, as I was perusing the produce aisle, there was a woman on the other side of the bins that, I noticed, was looking at me (not so) discreetly. As we both worked our ways down to the end of our respective aisles, we came to the end-cap display of lettuce. She gave me another look before sorting through the heads, and I began my sorting, as well. I couldn't let the opportunity pass, so I said to her, "We have to find a big one; lettuce has gotten so expensive!" She seemed a bit surprised that I'd talked to her at all, but she did reply with a comment about how the price went up after the E. Coli scare awhile back, but never came back down. That was enough to start a short, friendly conversation, and I think we both left a little happier as a result. I'm pretty sure she'd never met a trans woman before, and I'm also sure that she knew she was talking to one - if not at the beginning, then by the time we parted. Had I not said anything, though, the woman would have missed learning how "normal" a trans woman can be, not to mention learning how lovely I am. ;-) "

You are right! Old habit's are hard to break. I will say though, I have always had a much easier time talking to other women than men.

I have a tendency too to rely heavily on Liz for support in many potentially new social interactions. Slowly but surely I think I may be getting better. Ironically, though,  I'm more apt to still have more male interests to talk about. Sports etc. My other interests create drama if I try to bring them up (politics, religion, etc.) so I don't.

Talking about produce is a great idea though, except when I want to yell at at yet another old lady eating grapes out of the bag without buying it.

Blah, blah, blah!

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