Doctor Time

Yesterday I went with Liz to two of her doctor's appointments.

I decided to dress "down" for the occasion. I wore my black jeans, sweater and tennis shoes with very light makeup and a fleece jacket.

Nothing really happened except with one guy in one of the doctor's offices. From his mannerisms and voice I immediately thought he was gay. At any rate, he kept trying to make contact with me. Who knows? Maybe I should have made contact. Perhaps he was another transgender person, even a trans man.

I didn't though, so maybe it was yet another opportunity missed.


  1. Don't be so shy, girl! It shouldn't matter if the person is an L, G, B, T, Q, or anyone else. Not only did you miss an opportunity to connect with someone else, you caused a missed opportunity for them to connect with you.

    Just last week, as I was perusing the produce aisle, there was a woman on the other side of the bins that, I noticed, was looking at me (not so) discreetly. As we both worked our ways down to the end of our respective aisles, we came to the end-cap display of lettuce. She gave me another look before sorting through the heads, and I began my sorting, as well. I couldn't let the opportunity pass, so I said to her, "We have to find a big one; lettuce has gotten so expensive!" She seemed a bit surprised that I'd talked to her at all, but she did reply with a comment about how the price went up after the E. Coli scare awhile back, but never came back down. That was enough to start a short, friendly conversation, and I think we both left a little happier as a result. I'm pretty sure she'd never met a trans woman before, and I'm also sure that she knew she was talking to one - if not at the beginning, then by the time we parted. Had I not said anything, though, the woman would have missed learning how "normal" a trans woman can be, not to mention learning how lovely I am. ;-)


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