Saturday, January 5, 2019

Stepping Up Your Game

Referring back to a couple of recent Cyrsti's Condo posts, we have discussed in part, the need to "step up your game" in public.

I have always been a proponent of the idea women primarily dress for other women and men are brought along just for the ride. The exceptions of course are special romantic dates, etc.

That is why you see so many women who seemingly don't care about their appearance when placed upon the heightened levels of cross dressers and/or some transgender women.  Two factors (at least) come into play as I see it...time and finances. Very few of us can spend the extra hour it takes to reach a "swank or glam" level to go to the grocery store. Or have the finances to always have the newest and prettiest fashion. Then again, there are women like my daughter who are so busy with her three kids and a job, she is normally very casual in her dress.

When I am going out to a special venue with Liz, I do my best to step up my game and keep up with the "Josie's ".

Then there is the other end of the spectrum...the women of Walmart. For me, it's hard to dress down to their level. I just can't justify shopping in my pajama bottoms and an old sweat shirt of some sort.

Finally...there is this:

No, I did not get this from came from Jackie!


  1. Nope, that's not me. I would never carry that handbag when wearing that outfit! :-) I wouldn't - and couldn't - wear the other outfit, either, but I'm sure I'd look better than the "New Year's Morning" model; no matter what I'd wear.

    Do you think that the blonde looked in the mirror and saw the other woman? I used to wonder if I might have such a delusion, myself. There are all sorts of ways to deal with one's dysphoria. Some are a step up; others should be cause to step away.

  2. I'm with you...I hate most pictures of myself. I need them for the blog however, and Liz has been more eager to take pictures after her extreme weight loss!
    I too have felt both sides of the mirror and unfortunately it got the best of me all too often!

  3. I have definitely noticed a change in how I present myself to the world since going full time. Initially it would be dresses or skirts as often as possible and I would always have at least a little makeup ~ or maybe coverup!

    Now it's mostly jeans and a sweater and the make up box is feeling abandoned. Don't get me wrong I still enjoying glamming it up when the situation merits, but not for Tescos!