Give me a Head of Hair

With all respect to the "Aquarius" hippie musical, little did I know the challenges I would face as I transitioned and grew into my own hair.

The first problem I faced was not being able to see the back of my head. All of the sudden I had to learn to use a mirror to see all of my hair on my noggin. Then you have to figure out how to style it and color it to optimize your skin color. An example is, the colors of red or auburn I colored my hair were all wrong when compared with my ruddy skin color.

The second problem for me was being able to afford the process of having my hair cared for in a salon. The highlighted hair I first had done ended up costing me about 150 dollars per month, which I couldn't afford for years.

Finally, I ended up investing in my hair. I got it cut and trimmed into a new more flattering style (I hope.) And, today, I took a giant and expensive step into getting the color redone. So now. my naturally gray roots can slowly grow into and take over the rest of my hair. My appointment today cost 175 dollars (with tip) but I don't have to come back for two months for a sixty dollar appointment to get my hair trimmed up again.

Just more thing to consider, if you are thinking of transitioning and you can wear your own hair. I am fortunate I can and I never take it for granted. In fact, I look at the whole process as more than a little Karma payback for the time I spent in the Army with really short hair in an era of long hair on men.

That was then though and this is now and as my stylist and Liz were pointed out today, being a woman is not cheap! (Or easy...Connie)


  1. I am not easy! In fact, I just gave a big, fat NO to one of the guys at the AM/PM last night while paying for my gas. He asked me for my phone number. I've had to turn down "dates" from both him and another guy there before. Of course, it is because I am cheap that I even bother to interact with them at all; it's ten cents less per gallon when I go inside and pay cash. :-)

  2. Ten cents! Wow:) Could be worth a date :)

  3. Every 2 1/2 gallons makes for a two-bit whore? :-)


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