You Talking to Me?

Monday night, at the cross dresser - transgender support group meeting I go to, one of the co-moderators climbed her high horse and said something I hadn't heard since a transvestite mixer I went to in the mid 1980's.

She puffed up like a rooster and said, "Why should I wear pants, I had to wear them my entire life." "I never wear them." Fortunately I didn't have to open my mouth because another "jeans wearer" was sitting almost next to her and let her have it.

Plus, if you didn't know it, nearly 80 percent of the time, I don't wear dresses. I call it my lesbian upbringing. But, I regress:

In no uncertain terms jeans woman reminded the moderator, these days (if she noticed) almost all women wear some sort of pants and/or leggings. And, then added the clincher, if the moderator wanted to blend better or even look better, she may want to consider adding some sort of pants/slacks to her wardrobe.

Similar to a summer thunderstorm, the disturbance came and went without further comment.

There is nothing wrong with always wearing dresses...or pants. Just be a woman and enjoy the fact you can. Then, do your best to stay out of someone else's business.