Saturday, July 28, 2018

Upcoming Events

Once again, our Saturday social calendar filled out for this weekend.

Unexpectedly last night, Liz got a text from her new BFF inviting us again to an upscale Italian venue for dinner. It means we must have passed the stringent requirements after the first one. You may remember, it was the evening I wore my maxi dress for the first time.

Actually, I find the whole adventure relatively strangely entertianing  due to the other participants. You may also remember the organizer is the one who said all transgender women on HRT are bitches. If she only knew how much fun we had with that one!

Also, as August comes closer and closer, it is turning out to be a busy month for us. I have my vocal/speech appointment coming up August 6th and four more scheduled visits for other reasons during the month.

Week one is my second hair appointment and week four, we are headed back to Columbus, Ohio for another mini vacation.

Add in a couple more "tag a longs" with Liz and our Friday night karaoke party and August should be quite the month.

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