Sunday, July 22, 2018

Spiritual versus Physical Transgender

Melissa West sent this comment into Cyrsti's Condo which prompted me to think about a different Mtf gender transition idea. It came via another comment from Connie.

"Thank you Crysti for posting the FabulousConneDee comment.

I strongly identify with her last two paragraphs even though I am a continent away (UK England) and have not seen Lost in Transition. I had planned to move over to taking pharma hormones but I now realize that I am not yet ready. I have more work to do on self-acceptance and social integration into the female environment. In other words, my spiritual journey needs to catch up with my physical journey."

As I said, I never considered my spiritual versus physical transition., but it is a very real deal. And, it took me years to merge the two. Thanks to  you Melissa. Here is Connie's comment she referred to:

"I found it hard to understand how these trans women could be all-in on the hormones and surgeries before even taking the rudimentary step toward social transition. Whatever happened to the rule of living authentically for a year beforehand? I think it's a wise thing to do, even if it's not a requirement. If you are not able to accept your feminine-self, or can't cope with presenting yourself to the world without a professional makeover, then your chances of being happy with yourself are greatly reduced.

Of course, I think I've been successful with my transition because I've done it the right way! Then, I think again and realize that no two transitions are the same - nor are any two trans women. You won't see my wife and I on this show, if it is extended, however."

Finally, here is a link to the original post.


  1. I'm always so happy when one of my comments elicits a meaningful response (less often, my meaningful comments cause illicit responses). I'm sure that my proverbial check is in the proverbial mail - and lost, once again. :-)

    If I may respond to Melissa's comment, I want her to know that I have not undergone hormone therapy because Of a medical condition (blood clots), so I talk of HRT mainly through my observations of other trans women. I have come to the conclusion that HRT is powerful fuel for one who is ready to handle it, but I've also noted that those who aren't ready can be powerfully fooled by it. You need to first develop a thick skin to handle the adversity that comes with transitioning, and HRT can lead to thin skin - both literally and figuratively.