Wednesday, July 25, 2018

He's Such a Girl

Everyone once in a while, my partner's twenty year old son does something to cause both of us (or at least me) to think, he is such a girl. Of course, I may be just thinking out of jealousy, when he gets part of his hair dyed blue, or something else.

At his age I was never able to think much about acting girlish. I was too busy getting ready for three years serving Uncle Sam. Looking ahead to basic training takes most girly thoughts right out of your head. Or at least, it did for me.

Ironically though, I can't remember thinking three years of intense testosterone training would solve any of my gender malfunctions, commonly known as gender dysphoria. I know many transgender women join the military hoping to do just that.

When I go to any of my cross dresser - transgender support group meetings, one of my favorite things to do to keep me remotely engaged, is to imagine what other attendees were like before their transition. I usually do it for everyone, especially if they are a novice cross dresser. Many, I wish I had their body style because they are naturals!

Very simply put...he is such a girl!

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