Friday, May 11, 2018


 After I tried to set a routine of adjusting my vocal chords upward into a more feminine pattern, I developed a minor sore throat. So maybe I should have waited on a professional diagnosis on what is going on with my very raspy voice. Certainly, there is a possibility I may have some other kind of problem going on.

Also, I have developed a minor cold which could be allergy related. Either way, I have suffered too from excess sinus drainage, Which isn't helping my voice either.

Monday, I have an appointment with my therapist who can refer me to a voice therapist at the Veterans Administration. So, we will see what happens! 

Speaking of the VA, interestingly enough, the Cincinnati VA is having a Pride Day this year. Being a transgender vet myself, as most of you know, I went ahead to help "man" a table. Or should I say "person" a table.

Also, a little later in June, I will be helping with our Witches Ball tent at the main Cincinnati Pride. The early part of the summer is shaping up to be busy.

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