Friday, May 11, 2018

A "Quiet" Weekend?

It's looking to be a quiet Mother's Day weekend coming up around here. Both of our Mothers have long since departed so there are no visits to be scheduled. It would have been very interesting if my Mom would have still been with us, to judge her reaction to my feminine transition.

I think, after an initial negative blast, she would have learned to live with her new daughter. Probably after she did quite a bit of soul searching to figure out what she did wrong. Once she did figure it out, the answer would have manifested itself as guilt. Then the guilt would have somehow became my fault.

Once she figured though there wasn't anything thing she could do about my transgender decision, she would have settled down to accept it. I figure the whole process would have taken about six months.

So it could be getting one of our cars fixed could be the highlight of the weekend.


  1. Remember that old and terrible TV show, My Mother the Car? An episode about coming out to your mother would give a new meaning to getting the car fixed. :-)

    This will be the 10th Mothers Day for which I will be motherless. It's still one of my biggest regrets in life that I never talked to her about my gender identity. She had known of my cross dressing as a young teenager, but it was only a lot of guilt and shame that we both shared, mostly in silence, about it. I was a disappointment to her, as a son, but I believe I'd have been a great daughter - had we given each other the chance.