Saturday, May 12, 2018

Here Comes Summer?

All of the sudden, a very brief spring has turned into summer. Temperatures have soured into the mid to upper eighties and the dreaded humidity has started to rise too. I am back to my love/hate relationship with all this hair I have. I will have to start pulling it back more in the hot weather. This weather also is when I have to start to consider what kind of foundation I am using and the amount. I am lucky, HRT has softened my skin and I am careful to take pretty good care of it. So when I "melt", it hopefully won't be so noticeable.

All of this could change though, after Monday night. The day is shaping up to be quite busy with an appointment with my therapist early in the day and a special meetup group Monday night. The support group will welcome in three different "help" experts. One for hair, one for make-up and one for both. Instructions have been very vague, ranging from "models needed" to group instruction.

I'm selfish. I would love to score some individual attention. Eyes, foundation and contouring all the three things I need more expertise on. Overall, I feel like I am in a rut...HELP!

Just in case, I'm loading down my purse with a couple of the make-up items I am guilty of using all the time. Plus, I will be adding in the make-up skin wipes I use every night to remove my make-up. Hopefully, with all of that, I can cover all the bases.

Including my hair!

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