Sunday, April 8, 2018

Sunday, Sunday

Yet another week has flown by and at least there were some positives around the country this week concerning the transgender community.

The head of the AMA (American Medical Association) chided "45" (tRump) again for his attempted exclusion of transgender troops. In Anchorage, Alaska, voters apparently turned down an anti LGBT trans law. In Tennessee, state legislators let a bill die which would have directed the state attorney general to assist individual jurisdictions with fighting anti transgender cases. Finally, Puerto Rico approved a measure to allow trans individuals to update their birth certificates. An issue which is near and dear to me because Ohio's antiquated birth certificate law is under attack in the courts. So, alot of positives happened!

Personally, Liz and I went out every day this weekend, including a rousing Friday night visit to dinner with one of my cross dresser-transgender support groups. Liz and I managed to enjoy a little too much margarita. She almost was loose enough to consider singing karaoke and I manged to drop my debit card and lose it, as I paid. Fortunately, our server found it and I got it back unscathed the next day.

Of course, the evening was not without incident as one of the other participants proceeded to try to pry her way into our server's good graces by telling her (of all things) her father worked with fascist VP's Mike Pence's father in nearby Indiana. The server was going to Washington for some sort of cause that our non illustrious prez wouldn't approve of. The cross dresser in chief totally missed the point the girl told her she wouldn't want to meet rump anyhow and pushed her on wanting to meet Pence. So much for ignorance.

The other alpha trans girl who has been "pregnant" hogged the conversation this time saying the doctors were checking her now for "embedded"  undiscovered female reproductive parts. I found the whole conversation to be interesting until she trashed my news about the VA (she is also a trans vet) having a new voice therapist coming to my VA hospital soon. I didn't expect her to do handstands but she could have said something other than she didn't care what anyone thought about her voice anymore. I was good and should have said, no one obviously cared if she wore the same two dresses all the time.

Before you think I am being a total bitch, I will say, I really enjoy the company of the six or eight other people who come on a regular basis. It's just I have never understood why some "alpha's" try to transition and never seem to make it with any class. Which isn't mostly all low.

As it turned out, the weekend had a ways to go!

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  1. Well, your trans group experiences just go to show that the saying is true: If you've met one trans've met one trans woman! I used to cringe at the thought of some trans women I know exhibiting "undesirable" behavior in public. That their behavior is not desirable to me, however, does not reflect on me so much as I once believed it did. We may have the commonality of gender identity, but we are all different individuals, and I wouldn't want it any other way. I can be taken by others for who I am, a unique individual who happens to be a transgender woman. I hate the idea of being seen as a stereotype, so the more variety the public sees, the less chance there will be that I am seen as "one of those."

    Class is a matter of personal taste, ultimately. I consider my own taste to be quite refined (thanks, Mom), but I imagine that there are people - trans or not - who would poo-poo me just as I have doubts about others. We all tend to gravitate toward individuals and groups who are more like ourselves. Again, I like the fact that I can look beyond a trans individual or group in finding a satisfying place for myself in life. I don't think that makes me a total bitch, either (well, not total, anyway;-)