Monday, April 9, 2018

It's Monday

This Monday brings about another cross dresser - transgender support group meeting. Tonight's meeting should be more interesting, as well as better attended, due to the fact a clothing swap has been organized.

If you are not aware, a clothing swap event is when most all bring articles of clothing they don't wear anymore (or were fashion mistakes) and swap them out free for other articles. I have never been to one, so I am going to be interested in seeing what turns up. Plus, if I happen to find a stray piece, I will grab it. I know for sure one member is swapping out her purple fringed leather purse, which I am going to try to pick up for my partner Liz, as she is addicted to purple. Plus, speaking of Liz, I am hoping to run into the transgender person who asked Liz to fix her two necklaces, for further guidance.

In addition, the group is bringing in a hair/makeup adviser expert. I have been joking with them about how could I ever improve upon perfection :) but not so deep down, know I am in a hair/makeup rut. So, depending upon how busy she seems to be, I may talk to her about getting my hair shaped out among other ideas. Years ago, when I summoned the courage to sit with a makeup adviser, it was a great success.

Finally, tonight's meeting is a "come" or "go" as you please event. So if I get bored, I can take off.


  1. I have a couple of pieces in my wardrobe that were clothing swap finds. One is a polka dot sundress that seems to never go out of style, and I've worn it every summer for the last ten years. Another find was a pair of shoes that I never would have bought as part of my regular wardrobe. They are expensive-looking white leather, with 5" heels on a 1" platform. I wore them in public once, and got lots of compliments on them, but I felt a little self-conscious and never wore them again (except for costume and stage-wear, that is). Giving consideration to wearing other people's shoes is kind of a funny thing to me - especially at a thrift store, where I imagine shoes my size may have come from some cross dresser's latest purge.

  2. I feel the same way about shoes! :)